S3 Bucket - 403 Forbidden - AccessDenied

I tried creating a bucket for that and hosted a simple index.html file to test it, but I recieve: 403 Forbidden - Code: AccessDenied

Does it work if you turn off default encryption?

That’s what I am trying to test right now… creating a new one without it

Yes, that was it… disabling that it worked fine. thank you

One thing that I noticed though is that subfolders are not working as expected… for example… If I hit my index on the root of my s3 bucket, I can see that file…

But if I click on a link in the menu of my site, which should take me to sub-folder1/index.html

It fails… but if I directly type /sub-folder1/index.html, it works

But when I just click on it or type /sub-folder1, it fails…

Like if it was loading that as a file itself… instead of the index under it