Scaling Kubernetes

Hello everyone is there any way to run kubernetes pod when load increases automatically or is that issue resolved only with replica creation as i wanted to make that pod up only in case when load increases?

HPAs are a great way to do this, as was already mentioned.

Keep in mind that by default the only resource HPAs watch is CPU. I had to add some additional logic to have it watch memory (our bottleneck for this particular application).

Also keep in mind that this might make capacity planning difficult & would be worth checking with K8s admins in your org before you implement this. Imagine every k8s deployment has the ability to request double the resources of what its currently using. That would mean you’d need to be able to support twice the current usage of the cluster at any given time. It’s a solvable problem, but HPAs make it difficult to know what the actual resource needs across the k8s cluster might be; especially when you need to scale.