ServiceNow - Adding tracking number field to Task Types

How many of you have added a tracking # field to Task Types? did you add on task? or the task types?

Why can’t you use OOB number on task extended tables ?

If this is for integration, then you can use corelation fields

Shpiping Tracking, not INC/CHG/etc number

You can use Correlation ID on task table which is available on extended tables

Anyone have Other thoughts?

If you want to provide hyperlink of tracking number( e.g fedex, ups) etc, you can create a custom field on target table and configure BR/ flow to populate tracking number URL in custom field

Now youre expanding much beyond my question

In our instance, i am using correlation_id to track shipping info

I rarely add anything directly on task, unless I know it’ll have universal purpose.

I’ve had a need for a tracking number on multiple catalog items, so the variable just exists in its own variable set for re-use.

I’ve not needed a tracking number on incident / change / problem. I guess you could need it on an incident for a vendor breakfix? But I’d say that should be an incident task (or maybe even its own task type).

What’s your use case? See if that use case spans all of itil or just a subset. :slight_smile:

Laptop fixes requiring shipping, primarily. I haven’t asked the rest of the ITSM space what other uses we may have