ServiceNow - determining categories for the service catalog

Hello - How do you guys go about determining categories for the service catalog?

It is different at every org I have worked with… really depends on their needs

We have around 7 main categories and there are many child sub categories tied to these categories. But, most of the users use search ( service portal, NOW mobile , native UI) to get faster to the search term result

Generally I try to figure out from the end users perspective where would they first look for something

Okay. I should take that approach too. I just want to provide some suggestions to get them thinking.

Hardware, software, access, HR, help.

Thank you, I appreciate your input.

Leadership asked our partner for suggestions. We got some input. Steering committee is expected to make a decision. Ultimately, main goal seems to be keeping things flat with limited subcategories.

I personally think the focus should be on search

Some people are weirdly resistant to using search and wand to click into categories ¯_(ツ)_/¯

There are also cases where an org uses a different front end for the catalog and search falls off the table. Every scenario is so unique.