Significant increase in public IPv4 address usage

Hi friends this month i can see that we had a huge jump in public ipv4 address usage. Im trying to make sense of what this jump is caused by

What is USE2-IPAddressManager-IP-Hours usage 142,885.98 hours and is there some better view

When we heard about the IP address cost changes that wil take effect next year, we enabled IPAM as it was mentioned it could help us monitor what was happening.

Just looking closer into it, it looks like this vlaue is not the “public” ip address usage that will be charged.

I should only be concerned about the USE2-PublicIPv4:IdleAddress and USE2-PublicIPv4:InUseAddress hopefully someone can confirm that?

I don’t think you need to enable IPAM the product to see your AWS public IP usage

Maybe, its just something we did when we first read this

It looks like it’s changed since it was first introduced. You do need to enable IPAM for Public IP Insights to works, but can be for free:

Not sure what youre suggesting, i think my original question was just asking what this was and if we are going to be charged come next year when the IP change are introduced

Just trying to highlight the difference between AWS IPAM costs, and public IPv4 costs.