SNOW - can't select the sc_req_item table as reply record type

Hi, does anyone know why I can’t select the sc_req_item table as reply record type under an inbound email flow?

This should be available.but, as a workaround, you can do below

Thanks! Do you know how I can get values from a message using flow designer, like the email.body.field scripting that can be used in inbound actions?

In flow designer, it’s based on your trigger e.g trigger–> email record–> User

What if the email body had a value like "priority: 1"and I wanted SN to take that value?

Priority is based on impact and urgency, you will have to query choice list table to get corresponding impact, urgency combo and then update in target record

Sorry, that was just an example, what I meant was how to parse name/value pairs. I dont think flow designer can do that based on some searching

I did find this update that someone created that can do it.!/share/contents/8408077_parse_email_flow_action?v=1.0&t=RATINGS_REVIEWS&page=1