SQS - alert after message is processed

If a I have a front end pushing a record to SQS, is there a reason way for the front end to get alerted once SQS has finished processing that record?

Depends on whether or not you have a requirement to surface that data in the UI.

Yeah definitely is a requirement

I was hoping there’s a way out of the box, maybe via the IDs?


“Each message receives a system-assigned message ID that Amazon SQS returns to you in the SendMessage response.”

A typical pattern to determine if a message has been processed is to have your worker write a record to a database or another durable store once it finishes processing a message, including the message ID in that record.

Then you may query that database to see if your job is listed.

In general what you’re looking for is generally part of a pattern called command/query responsibility separation (CQRS) https://www.redhat.com/architect/illustrated-cqrs
SQS itself provides no visibility into the status of a message in a queue. If you’re looking to have something CQRS-like in a single place, Step Functions might be a viable option