SRE Role - Developer vs Engineering skillset?

When it comes to SRE roles what is the opinion if that is primarily a developer skill set or an engineering skill set? I’ve seen it as a blended role. A role was posted internally here and the description is 98% on the development spectrum and almost nothing infrastructure or engineering wise. A loaded question I know, it means what ever it means to the person writing up the job description.

For a junior position it’s fine and imo preferred to attract software developers with an interest in infrastructure. For a senior position they have to be skilled in both imo. But most important is that they have an interest in infrastructure automation.

In my experience I would sooner trust a software developer to pick up sufficient infrastructure knowledge to be successful than the reverse, but there has to be someone there to teach them

That’s not to say that infrastructure engineers cannot become good sre’s, I just feel that they often start less proficient in the skills most useful to an sre (or what I think an sre does i guess)