Storing username/passwords in AWS Secret Manager

HI friends, I have multiple mysql users and i want to store the username/password in aws secret e.g prod/rds/example_user

Should i create a secret per user, or should i create a single secret prod/rds for all users but the secret can have multiple key/value pairs. ?

Why not have a users table with the username and hashed password? That’s basically free for you. AWS charges $0.40 per secret per month.

Im referring to mysql users

Like administration stuff, nothing to do with a users table

Its good to know that aws charges 0.4 per secret / per month, thats makes me thingk i should use the second option (one single secret with multiple key/values each per user ) to save

Also does anyone have any views on the naming conventions of secret in secret manager



For your naming, always go from more general to more specific, so your first example would be preferable. I will note, though: the presence of “prod” implies that “dev” is present in the same account, which is far from ideal.

I went with prod/rds/users