Sync metrics from a hosted grafana instance to grafana cloud

Hi all, is there a way to sync metrics from a hosted grafana instance to grafana cloud? Thanks

What are you trying to do ? Store your metrics on both side or just display metrics stored in Cloud using an On Prem Grafana ?

Low context answers:

  1. your Grafana (Cloud or on prem) can read your Mimir/Prometheus metrics (being on prem or Cloud)
  2. Your On Prem Prometheus can remote_write to Grafana Cloud Metrics

I have an existing Grafana cloud configuration. I’m running software that provides out-of-the-box infra code that spins up a locally hosted Grafana and I’d like to see these metrics (graphite/statsd) in grafana cloud. remote_write sounds like what I’m looking for

Grafana is only the viz layer, you have a Graphite TSDB there.

Either you can ask your software to push metrics to Grafana Cloud (there is a Graphite endpoint), or leverage the Private Datasources Direct Connect Agent to create an access to this Graphite in Grafana Cloud.

Remote_write is Prometheus, I don’t know if Graphite has this capability.