Terraform - Reverting state files

Need help related to terraform and terraform-cloud.

we had a terraform state file of 0.12.25

so a local terraform binary of 0.12.31 did run this command
terraform state rm module.something
now, this changed the terraform state file to 0.12.31.

how do i revert back the state file to previous terraform version?

Going by https://support.hashicorp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001151948-Migrate-Workspace-State-Using-Terraform-State-Push-Pull#:~:text=The%20current%20version%20of%20Terraform,to%20become%20the%20current%20state , it seems that you can’t simply rollback to a previous state. But the workaround according to the url is to download the last good state to your local laptop, change your binary to tf0.12.(good), then run a terraform state push /path/to/statefile.json

I use tfenv to manage my tf versions , if you need some help there