Testing Azure Key Vault in Visual Studio subscription

Last week I made a request to get access to our new Azure tenant. I want to test fetching secrets out of Azure Key Vault. However, nothing has been done and I don’t know when it ever will. So, I thought I could use my Visual Studio subscription to add an Azure KV to a resource group and do my own testing. It isn’t ideal and it certainly isn’t ready for production, but waiting for whoever to approve my request could take weeks, maybe even months. I’d like to do something rather than just sit on my hands.

I’ve never used Azure KV before. How much of a drain will it be? While developing I’m sure I’ll be hitting it 200 to 300 times per day, maybe more. I’m guessing I could probably turn it off at the end of the day, then turn it back on the next business day.

Never mind, I think I found it https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/key-vault/

Yea I don’t think it will cost a lot to expiriment with.

• $0.03/10,000 transactions
• Certificate Renewals –$3 per renewal request.