TFVC repo to Git repo migration

I’m trying to get a TFVC repo migrated to a Git repo, following this blog post

However, the TFVC repo I’m working with is actually a folder, within a bigger TFVC project (with lots of embedded folders). Running git-tfs failed with the error saying that I should convert the folder this Visual Studio project is in, into a TFVC repo. Can a TFVC repo have embedded TFVC repos?

Never mind. In this case the folders are all top level to a TFS project, so I don’t think they’ll be any issue

Have you ever tired the built in converter?

I’ve seen that Microsoft Learn page before. What bothers me is the line that says

> The feature documented in this article requires TFS 2017 Update 2 or later version.
We’re at TFS 2015, so does this apply to us?

I didn’t mention this before, but we’re migrating to GitHub. I’ve tried the built-in Import function in a new, empty GitHub Git repo. That failed because our TFS server is behind our firewall.

You did i forgot for a moment :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean you could just open up your internal server to a few hundred public internet subnets that would be an easy sell i’m sure :stuck_out_tongue: