Transferring 16tb data between AWS S3 buckets using sync command

Hi, I’m planning to copy 16tb from one bucket to another. If I use the aws s3 sync command does the data goes via my laptop or the traffic goes directly between buckets?

It believe it goes directly between the buckets, wrapping something like the CopyObject API

The sync command uses the CopyObject APIs to copy objects between S3 buckets.

FWIW, when I’m doing large transfers like this, I spin up an EC2 spot instance and run the transfer there

Thanks, so there is no option to run the copy in the background

For that I’d look at something like S3 Batch Operations:

Thanks, I’ll read that

see also bucket replication, if it fits your use case (you can turn on replication for existing objects by contacting support)

Another option:|

you can also copy via aws web console…. but if you are assuming a role, your session will expire