Transitioning to Winget for Efficient Application Installation and Updates

Has anyone moved to using winget to install a majority of applications and keep them up to date? I spun up a fresh lab vm today and in about 10 minutes had a near complete set of apps with a simple PowerShell list of winget commands. I’m sure if I used choco more frequently I’d get to the same place but the simplicity of winget has won me over.

This is all on my daily driver, not CI/CD or anything like that.

I really like winget and I use it to maintain some apps that seem to get updated there much faster than Chocolatey packages. It’s also great for Windows Store sourced apps. However, I still use choco for the majority of my day to day app maintenance because the choco packages all default to silent installs. With winget you can pass arguments to create a similar experience, but, for me, it’s seemed a bit of a hassle vs. choco. Maybe I just need to spend some time to educate myself better on it.

That is a lot like my choco story, if I used it more I’m sure I’d do what I wanted with that just fine I just don’t use it much out side of work and work makes it so hard to use it may have influenced my decision at home. Plus the Microsoft native angle i’m sure biased me.