Troubleshooting Kafka Mirrormaker 2.7.2 connector task status via REST API

I’m using Kafka Mirrormaker 2.7.2, and it is a 5-node connect cluster. I wanted to get the status of the connector task, so I tried using the rest API, and the default would be running on 8083. I tried multiple options, but nothing worked out. Can someone help us?
/opt/kafka/bin/ /opt/kafka/config/

In this case you are running mirror maker in dedicated mode. This mode has a few limitations that currently greatly reduce its usability. The biggest issues are due to the fact that runtimes started in dedicated mode don’t expose the REST API, a key interface for administrators managing Kafka Connect environments, whether it’s for reconfiguring connectors at runtime or monitoring the state of pipelines. So to update mirroring routes, you need to change the properties file and restart the MirrorMaker instances. The REST API is also used by workers to communicate and handle dynamic changes in the external system, for example, to detect the creation of new topics in the source cluster. Since Kafka 3.5 and|KIP-710, MirrorMaker in dedicated mode does start the necessary REST API endpoints for workers to communicate. Excerpt from “Kafka Connect” by Mickael Maison, Kate Stanley

got it. even every time if we have to onboard any new topics we are restarting mirror maker everytime

is there a way that we can dynamically whitelist the topics?

In dedicated mode, this is the limitation. Instead you can run connect-distributed and enable REST API - enable MM2 connectors by doing a PUT to the HTTP endpoint.