Troubleshooting missing query-frontend service for Grafana datasource in Loki

hi team, I have installed loki through helm chart but I cannot see any service named query-frontend so that I can add the same in grafana datasource. I tried all other services exposed o port 3100 but no luck. Can anyone guide me which service url to add in grafana datasource?

Don’t know what kind of setup u have. But for me is just about defining an ingress (elb in my case) withing the values.yaml

The host u define there is the one that will become reachable by grafana

hi , thanks for response. I do not want to expose my loki with the ingress. I wanted to add service url in grafana data source so that it can connect with loki. I had a similar setup in last organisation but not able to achieve this.

For example, if we use loki-distributed chart then we use below url to configure data source in grafana


Ah right. I’m using a diff helm. Not the distributed one.

No, I also do not want to use distributed one. I just shared an example

I wanted to setup using loki helm chart

I am setting it up on EKS

And grafana is running in the same cluster?

Use the ingress. It’s the most simple approach. Add an annotation to make it internal. Then if u need to send logs from diff location outside eks it will be reachable

So from grafana point to the host of the ingress. Port can be 80 or 443 depend on what u chose

ok,so I believe the similar setup can be done to manage logs of multiple cluster in one grafana?

Yeah. That’s what I’m doing

sounds great. I will try this setup.