Troubleshooting Pip Installation Error with Cloudfront and S3 for Private PyPi Repository

Hello guys, I am trying to design/implement the following stuff for hosting my private Python PyPi repository kinda thing:

pip.conf > Cloudfront URL > S3 as source of packages
Inside the pip.conf , I am adding the --extra-url-index=

Connectivity between Cloudfront<>S3 is working as I tested it manually.
However pip is unable to communicate to Cloudfront URL when performing pip install, any suggestions?

ERROR: No matching distribution found for abc-package==0.3```

Probably more of a PIP question than AWS (but that’s ok).

A couple of similar issues were resolved by adding /simple to the URL.
The last one says:

…make sure that <> package index is added to your pip.conf file. For example, if your primary package index is defined in the index-url parameter, add the <> index in the extra-index-url parameter.

I’d also suggest enabling logging on CloudFront, so you can see what requests are being made, which might indicate where it’s failing