Troubleshooting SSH key creation during gcloud login

when I try to login via gcloud why do the account try to create ssh key

would be helpful if you can use threads (and maybe find a specific channel like vs. posting in )

by default, I think the gcloud CLI tool will create a new ssh key for you, vs. using an existing one

my guess is that once you have created that key, you can have PuTTY use it and it may work, unless you’re also relying on gcloud compute ssh or similar tools setting up the IAP tunnel for you as well

As far as I remember (and I can be wrong of course) It creates an ssh key with the predefined name like google_compute_engine and upload the public key to the metadata for compute engine on the project level. The key will be reused for all compute instances. But (again, if I am not mistaken) it will not allow to connect to the instance directly without gcloud unless you upload the public part of the key to the instance directly.

yes that’s the weirdest part actually — they are project-level keys

and then lol SCC flags it