Using git-tfs to convert TFVC to Git

I think I’ve asked this question in the past, but I don’t recall what the answer(s) was/were. So, please forgive me for asking it again.

I’m using git-tfs to convert TFVC repos to Git repos, before pushing them to GitHub. When I encounter a Visual Studio solution within a folder (that happens a lot) I’ll convert that folder to a TFS branch, so I can use git-tfs. However, occasionally I’m encounter something odd, where developers in the past created 2 VS solutions within the same folder. Will that cause git-tfs any problems?

git-tfs doesn’t care about the kind of files you move from tfvc to git. It’s content agnostic.

git cares about large files and binary files, but other than that it has no opinion.

Thanks, Jesse. Then I’ll figure how what files go with which VS solutions/projects. Or, maybe in this case, I’ll just leave those two VS solutions in one GH repo.