View Kubernetes events in Grafana(from ElasticSearch)

Hi, I have Kubernetes events being stored in a metricbeat index on Elasticsearch 7.x. Is there a way to view these events in Grafana instead of Kibana?

Hi! Elasticsearch is officially supported, take a look at

Thanks. So, it can view events and logs not just metrics from Elasticsearch?

I’m storing events like these in ES:

You can query any index, take a look at this demo dashboard using ES

That’s pretty cool. I’m new to Grafana and Prometheus (was a Splunk person). I just haven’t got to grips with Grafana dashboarding yet. It’s pretty impressive

I’m trying to do something like this:

We’re replacing sysdig with Grafana and Prometheus

FWIW - The Infra UI in the Elastic Stack is pretty cool

It is but we can’t use it for metrics. All our metrics are collected by Prometheus and node exporters.

True that. I’m dealing with the same conundrum at our place. PoC ing the Elastic Stack for Prom Metrics as well. Just waiting for the next release with PromQL built in to Kibana :wink:

You could do it that way as it’s good to have logs, metrics and events in one place for observability. Loki looks interesting too! ELK alerting isn’t mature yet as Alerts and Action is still in beta.

I also think you’d use less storage on Prometheus (TSDB) than having metrics in an ELK index unless it has a tsdb for metrics.

Although, we do a both but use Prometheus for monitoring metrics.

Yeah, Loki is good, if you know what questions you wanna ask on your dataset, and have standardization in place for the incoming data.