Views on AWS Security Hub

Does anyone have an opinion on aws security hub? I just want to hear what peoples thoughts are, where its useful or not useful etc.

I find it handy, it’s mostly just an aggregator but a half decent one

It basically gives a view of security state of your organization. It has set of security standards and compare it with your accounts and gives out a result if it’s critical, high, medium, low.
You can try it out since it has a 30-day free trial and revoke if not interested after 30 days

Make sure only Security Hub is free for 30 days and any other services you integrate with Security Hub isn’t free

Its a useful review for our team but not all findings you need to remediate but its really helpful for the team to assess and re-assess environment and security

Thank you, i guess im also curious how “religiously” it should be followed

Not very. Not all controls apply to every account(s) setup / landing zone.
Activate it to get a feel of what it does. After that activate controls in waves and work from there.