Where can I find these information about log cleaner threads?

Hi all, I have download the source code of Apache Kafka and I have seen that there are some stats that are printed somewhere. Where can I find these information about the log cleaner threads? I don’t see it in the logs.

Here are the stats:

val message =
"%n\tLog cleaner thread %d cleaned log %s (dirty section = [%d, %d])%n".format(id, name, from, to) +
"\t%,.1f MB of log processed in %,.1f seconds (%,.1f MB/sec).%n".format(mb(stats.bytesRead),
mb(stats.bytesRead/stats.elapsedSecs)) +
"\tIndexed %,.1f MB in %.1f seconds (%,.1f Mb/sec, %.1f%% of total time)%n".format(mb(stats.mapBytesRead),
100 * stats.elapsedIndexSecs/stats.elapsedSecs) +
"\tBuffer utilization: %.1f%%%n".format(100 * stats.bufferUtilization) +
"\tCleaned %,.1f MB in %.1f seconds (%,.1f Mb/sec, %.1f%% of total time)%n".format(mb(stats.bytesRead),
stats.elapsedSecs - stats.elapsedIndexSecs,
mb(stats.bytesRead)/(stats.elapsedSecs - stats.elapsedIndexSecs), 100 * (stats.elapsedSecs - stats.elapsedIndexSecs).toDouble/stats.elapsedSecs) +
"\tStart size: %,.1f MB (%,d messages)%n".format(mb(stats.bytesRead), stats.messagesRead) +
"\tEnd size: %,.1f MB (%,d messages)%n".format(mb(stats.bytesWritten), stats.messagesWritten) +
"\t%.1f%% size reduction (%.1f%% fewer messages)%n".format(100.0 * (1.0 - stats.bytesWritten.toDouble/stats.bytesRead),
100.0 * (1.0 - stats.messagesWritten.toDouble/stats.messagesRead))

according to the code this information should be logged at the info level. You might need to double check your log level configuration, or any log filtering that may be configured preventing these messages from being logged.