Where do I find the Confluent cloud CA certificate

~does anyone know where i can locate the confluent cloud CA certificate as the following is failing for me …~

		"bootstrap.servers": "REDACTED:9092",
		"sasl.mechanisms":   "PLAIN",
		"sasl.password":     "REDACTED",
		"sasl.username":     "REDACTED",
		"security.protocol": "SASL_SSL",
		"ssl.ca.location": 	 "/etc/ssl/certs",

Whenever I need a truststore I use my browser and download the cert. this assumes that the website was signed by the same root authority.

I really thought CC uses let’s encrypt so it should be considered a valid cert , unless the system you are using doesn’t have the known/current CAs (like Verisign)

I am using confluent cloud and ubuntu (for now) as the docker base image

• See https://docs.confluent.io/cloud/current/cp-component/clients-cloud-config.html and specifically the part about “For clients and applications that use a custom trust store to establish trust, ensure the ISRG Root X1 root certificate is installed in your trust store by September 29, 2021.
Download ISRG Root X1.”

Thanks much appreciated