Where is the API for provisioned users on AWS SSO?

I’ve search a bit here…unfortunately no hits on identitystore. I’ve setup AWS SSO with Auth0 https://jswheeler.medium.com/integrating-aws-sso-with-auth0-a9b66f7a7a00
And I’m trying to retrieve the users that I’ve manually provisioned. This is helpful and give me something like this

    "AccountAssignments": [
            "AccountId": "86753091234",
            "PermissionSetArn": "arn:aws:sso:::permissionSet/ssoins-yadayadayada/ps-yadayadayada",
            "PrincipalType": "USER",
            "PrincipalId": "906762d05b-04dd89a9-2a98-4ec8-93ab-*********"
And principleId seems to be relevant to the identityStore api, but when I query [that](https://awscli.amazonaws.com/v2/documentation/api/latest/reference/identitystore/describe-user.html)
```% aws --profile tccust identitystore describe-user --identity-store-id d-yadayadayada --user-id "906762d05b-144a7c8a-3201-433f-bf3a-**********"
    "UserName": "thesearenotthedroidsyouarelookingfor",
    "UserId": "906762d05b-144a7c8a-3201-433f-bf3a-**********"
I get back a shockingly concise response. I'm wondering if there is a different api that has all the other information I've provisioned. I can't seem to find a command or endpoint that provides details of the users.

What other information did you include in the provisioning, I’m also curious what more you would want

Typically when I provision a user I enter the first name, last name and email address.

I guess I’d like to get whatever I’ve provisioned. Email is often a foreign key into other data sources.

Wow, it just looks like they don’t have that API documented, your TAM might be able to help, or if you want to just hack it, you could copy the request data from the browser request, since all that is missing is returning the user attributes (also the filter user list sdk call also makes no sense)